This web site is brought to you by a couple of guys who have been promoting sex cams for many years. We love that we can help people connect with entertainment that bring joy.


If you need to contact us, please send an email to camsuga ATT globaladultmedia.com – we get a lot of spam emails, so make sure your’s stands out and does not look like spam, as we constantly multi-select about 60 emails at a time to delete, and do that dozens of times – so it’s easy to miss something that does not stand out. Like ALL CAPS – HELP CAMSUGA – something like that would likely stand out. With that said, we are just a couple of guys living in our moms basement, we try to check emails everyday, but sometimes are not able to access our main computer that gets all the emails, so it could take days and sometimes we have left the house for an entire week. So it could be more / longer if something weird is happening in our lives.

If you have a DMCA complaint or other takedown / content removal issue, we offer additional contact information for those things here on our dmca copyright page.

If you are interested in getting yourself on a webcam showing off here, then find some preliminary details at the sexchatguru site. After you have read up on those, then you can contact us with some idea of what you are wanting to get into.

We do not control what individual cam performers do on their cams.

We do work with a video bandwidth provider that has established certain rules about certain extreme things being disallowed. If cam performers violate these rules then they are permanently banned. Since this is one of the premier places to be seen online, they really don’t want to get banned, so please do not ask any cam performers to do anything they say they do not want to do.

Billing Issue?
If you need info about buying tokens for the girls or payment issues – for the vip section – click here for billing issues.
Okay, have a nice day.

Cam models look too young?
I know, it’s hard to tell if a 30 year old is wearing an outfit that looks too cute or of someone in the picture / video is young enough that they should not be watching or making sexy videos. All of the models featured here are over 18.
All models must provide govt issued ID for anyone and everyone that appears on the live webcam. We have a professional company that verifies the IDs – they are in the USA and very strict about this. You can read about the 2257, ID verification records here.

Our web server keeps all the standard records that most servers do, your ip address, when you visited, pages you went to, what kind of web browser you use, all that shit and more. Sometimes we lose all of our data, sometimes we have a backup that gets copied and lost along the way. The privacy policy of our video streaming partner also affects you and anyone that visits any of the pages that we have that include live video, which at the time of this writing is all of them.