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We firmly believe that people should be able to protect their imagery.

We protect our imagery with multiple agencies, including Protection Status

If there are pictures, videos, or other content that you think we should remove from this site

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with the information on our cam suga contact on our about page here and please use this third method below.

and via contact us with an email via contact form here,

Yes three ways, so that we can be sure to get notice. Also please send en email to the contact info listed in the official whois for this site.

We really want to get any contact sent to us, but can not guarantee that our other contact messages will always be delivered properly. So please reach out to us in multiple ways.

Just a simple request is all it should be to get images removed.

We take notices about content removal / take downs very seriously.

We only want to publish pictures, videos, and other information about people who actually want to share their likeness with the world. We publish information that we believe to be fair game for promotion, and have no intent nor desire to keep things publicly published if anyone has any cause for us to have it removed. We will be running experiments to have different levels of access to info. As we push forward with new code, we hope to find a perfect balance of showing oiff recent stuff and archiving other things in ways that make it possible for people to find, but perhaps be behind a membership wall for more images, comments, and other information that may or may not have been previously publicly published here, or anywhere else before.

Much of the code that runs this site as of today is experimental and relies on third parties for data to be combined. We in no way suggest that there is anything that is true or accurate, and specifically state that everything here is taken with a big grain of salt, and considered to be for entertainment and promotions purposes only.